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  • muh ulin

    muh ulin

  • Dr. Jonathan Foley

    Dr. Jonathan Foley

    Executive Director, Project Drawdown. Climate & environmental scientist, focused on solutions. GlobalEcoGuy.org

  • Gà Công Nghiệp

    Gà Công Nghiệp

  • danny le

    danny le

    architect in atl, viet diaspora, history, ethnography, sociology, geo-politics, economics, qualitative research methods, modes of architectural production

  • Buen Ravov

    Buen Ravov

    A theorist, philosopher, critic. http://radicalley.rf.gd/

  • Kabir Mantha

    Kabir Mantha

  • Richard O.

    Richard O.

  • Thor Benson

    Thor Benson

    Independent journalist. Featured in The Atlantic, Wired, Rolling Stone, Vice, The Daily Beast and elsewhere. Twitter: @thor_benson

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